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Why a Co-op?


New Horizons Cooperative Preschool in BoulderAs a cooperative, all parents participate in all aspects of school operation. This cooperative approach builds a respectful community in which families from diverse backgrounds work, play, and learn together.

Classroom Co-op
Parents participate on a rotating basis in their child’s class (time per month depends on enrollment), contributing not only their time but their language and cultural experience as well.  We have two volunteer parent assistants in each class.

The benefits of the a co-op are myriad:

  • Parents are directly connected to their children’s first school experience, making it an easier transition and setting the stage for a connection throughout their child’s academic career.
  • Parents can learn from the teachers and each other in ways to engage and educate their own children.
  • Parents can have fun with the whole class in a dynamic, engaging environment.
  • Parents grow in their understanding of their children by interacting with them and their peers.
  • Families learn together through their contact with children and parents of different backgrounds.
  • Teachers demonstrate the depth of social and conceptual learning that takes place during play.
  • New Horizons can operate with a ratio of 5:1, Adults: Students.
  • Each parent adds their personal touch to the classroom’s day, whether it is in singing a song, making a healthy snack, leading a craft, or just interacting with a small group of students.

Other Co-op Roles
Parents run the Board of Directors, direct fundraising campaigns, coordinate events, and participate in school clean-ups.