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The New Year

As we begin 2013, we find that all three of our classes are full, andthat we are thoroughly enjoying our vibrant community.  The first week back, parents joined together to clean the school, and make everything beautiful for the coming months.

We have been enjoying a study about the planets and solar system.  We
have been poring over the bilingual books about the planets, making
planets out of balloons and paper mache, and painting the asteroid
belt. We are sorry that this year Fiske Planetarium is being renovated, and our series of afternoon trips to visit “Tito the Mosquito”, the education director at Fiske, will not take place.
Instead we will be visiting Henderson Museum at CU.

Beetles Exhibition at the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History
Beetles Exhibition – University of Colorado Museum of Natural History

The Family Spanish Literacy Program, this year taught by Consuelo Hernandez,
also took a wonderful trip to NCAR last week, to do some exploration of
climate change.  All of this has led us to an interest in our own planet, this home
we share called Earth.

New Horizons will once again be one of the sponsoring organizations of
this year’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration at the UMC on CU
campus.  We have been one of the grassroots sponsors of this event
since it began.  We are proud of our collaborative work alongside
other non-profits, the city and the university, to bring the consciousness of
Dr. King to the forefront of our community.  Taking his ideals further,
this February, we will be engaging in a series of evening workshops
Martin Luther King Jr.for parents presented by Intercambio on getting to know people from other cultures more deeply. We will get a chance to examine some of our assumptions, and come to a better understanding about people from different backgrounds.

Also coming up this winter, the long awaited playground renovation will break ground.  We have a beautiful design to enhance our outdoor living and learning environment.
The actual renovation should be fascinating for children, as the diggers come in,
and the climbing structure disappears, and new and challenging forms
begin to appear.

Cool Moves World Dance Party 2010

We are also looking forward to exploring the world of dance with children this winter and spring, making great use of some of our former and current parents who are talented dancers and dance teachers.

Welcome back to our beloved teacher Elena, who has returned on MWF with her new baby Ainara.  The children are smitten by her, and she has been so good natured about all the attention, and sleeps happily tucked into Elena’s sling most of the time.

All in all, we are right in the middle of a rich year.  Please feel
free to contact us if you want to visit and see what we are all about.
Best wishes to all for an engaging new year.