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Spring Message

Dear families,

We have reached the season of blossoming. We now have apples and plums in full bloom. We also have 45 incredible growing beings, 25 of whom will be graduating and moving into the wide world. I feel a little like mother pig, sending her children out to seek their new lives. I know they are prepared, and I feel so proud of their growth and beauty, and yet I will miss each one of them and their families.

IMG_9048This year we have had such strong support from families. We just had our spring fun(d) raiser, and thanks to our entire community, we raised funds as well as fun. Families made delicious food, which we sold by the plate. We thank the band Alacran for donating their musical services for our dancing pleasure, and Upslope Brewery for hosting the gathering. We are also very grateful to our fundraising committee for their creation of the youcaring.com site, and especially Asa Henderson for his featured video. Really, parents have come through for us, for whatever we have needed. I am very gratified to be a part of such a caring and talented community.

New Horizons Preschool BoulderWe have so much fun and learning still to do! May will be a busy month, with visits to the pool, Lone Hawk Farm, Sawhill Ponds; and we simply never have enough time in our own back yard.

It is with a true letting go spirit that I announce that Eva Hathaway will be teaching next year at the Isabella Bird Innovation School in Denver next year. It is with the deepest appreciation that we send her off, after 6 1/2 years of profound thinking about children’s development, and implementation of some great new ideas. We are wishing Eva the best of everything.

Please know, you are always welcome to visit!