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Three principles guide our approach to our work with our preschoolers and their families:

1) New Horizons is a child-centered school where children are given time to explore their own interests. A rich and varied environment enables children to make choices, creating and discovering their own manner of learning and interaction. Teachers respect and build upon the interests of children, selecting themes and topics of exploration by observing emerging themes in children’s play, rhythms of nature, and cultural celebrations. Our goal is for children to develop a life-long love for learning through creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving.

New Horizons Preschool Boulder2) Parents are important partners in providing the early educational experiences that lay the foundation for success in school and beyond. At New Horizons, all parents assist the teachers in the classroom on a regular basis as “co-opers.” Parents grow in their understanding of their children by interacting with them and their peers. Parents also grow through their contact with children and parents of different backgrounds. They come to understand the depth of social and conceptual learning that takes place during play.

3) We value diversity in culture, class, language, ethnicity, ability, and individual expression, and we believe that people thrive in an environment where each person is honored and respected for their differences and commonalities. Our goal is to develop in each child an appreciation of his or her unique voice, as well as a sense of wonder and respect for the beautiful and diverse world in which we live.  As our children take their place in our increasingly complex, global world, they will have some deep resources to draw upon, having learned in preschool the importance of respect, kindness and friendship in solving problems of all kinds.