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New Horizons Cooperative Preschool offers a half-day, play-based, bilingual preschool program for children aged 2.5-7 years old.

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New Horizons is a committed community of families and teachers working together to provide every child a meaningful and high quality preschool experience. Our ultimate goal is to support our children in feeling confident and loved, to have the skills to resolve conflicts respectfully, to express their ideas creatively, and to be prepared for success in all of their future academic and social endeavors.

Play-Based and Child-Centered Learning:  Children are given the freedom to create and discover their own manner of learning and interaction, and teachers respect and build upon the interests of children with themes and activities drawn from observation.

Bilingual Education:  Our bilingual program creates a unique opportunity for children and families to engage in a cross-cultural journey. Half of our families are Spanish speaking, and all of our activities are presented in English and Spanish.

Cooperative School:  Our parents are integral to the success of our children.  As a cooperative, parents volunteer in the classroom (1-2 times a month, depending on enrollment).  Parents benefit by a direct connection to their children’s daily routine, and daily parental involvement creates a ratio of 5:1 (Students: Teachers/Parents), one of the lowest preschool ratios in Boulder.

Come and play with us!  To schedule a visit or for more information, contact NHCP director Isolde Stewart (303-442-7434 or email )