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Greetings for the New Year,

This has been a year full of accomplishments for us at New Horizons.  We completed our playground, so many years in process.  We survived the flood of 2013 beautifully, relying on the support of our wonderful families.  We underwent our Qualistar review, and once again, with the help of all of our community, were rewarded with a 4-star rating.

We have been so fortunate to have 3 wonderful  classrooms full of eager learners and creative players.  Our teachers this year are talented, full of ideas,  and are compassionate and loving beings!

This week marks the Lunar New Year, 2014 being the Year of the Horse.  We will take the opportunity to study about horses and dragons, delve into fiction and non-fiction, and also explore the dragons’ first cousins, the dinosaurs.  We will be going to CU’s Henderson Museum to see the dinosaur bones, and find other fossils of sea, air and land creatures.  This month, we will also be going to NCAR for a visit, and the newly renovated Fiske Planetarium.  We are so pleased to be able to use the resources in our rich community to enhance our experiences.  Next month, we will be going to the dance studio, exploring a few different genres, and inviting great local dancers, such as Malang Djiatta and Tamil Maldonado, to inspire us with their movements.

This year we will have a big family dance party fundraiser on Sunday, April 27th, at the Elks Club, with a live band and DJ Nelson at the controls.  Please mark your calendars, and stay tuned for details.

We keep in our hearts the ideals and accomplishments of the great Martin Luther King, Jr., and honor his legacy with our continued work in the community.  Thank you, all members of our family, from years past to the present.  We are a unique circle of friends, who together create an awesome learning environment for our children.