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Flooding on Upland Avenue

Monday, Sept. 16, 2013

Dear Friends and Families of New Horizons,

We are so grateful for the sunshine today, for the generous spirits of all who have helped and want to help.  We were miraculously spared the dire fate of our neighbors on Upland.  The first surge of flood waters on Wednesday night flooded the playground, and entered our back door and the back door of the Friends Meeting, and our chicken barn.  But the damage was very minimal.  We had wet carpet and mud, but only in a very contained area near the door. The water mitigation strategies that were implemented this summer helped enormously.  Our new and beautiful playground was not destroyed, but only needs a little clean-up.  The contents of the school were spared, and there was no lasting structural damage, as far as we can now tell.

Upland Avenue has been a rushing river, even this morning.  The water has been flowing across all of the properties on the north side of Upland, and made a river of the street and a lake out of the fields at Crestview.  We are so incredibly fortunate that our damage is manageable, and we have already had many friends brave the floods to come and help.  I give thanks for our good fortune, and for the strength of our community.  Some of our families have not been so fortunate, though all are now safe.  Our hearts go out to all of those who have lost so much.

We will be holding abbreviated classes for the remainder of this week: AM classes will be 9-11:30 and PM classes will be 1-3:30. We will resume our regular schedule on Monday, September 23rd.

Thank you for your good wishes and good works.