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COVID-19 In Person Learning Operations Plan


All school will be held outside while the weather permits.  We have been working to define learning spaces within our beautiful shaded outdoor space that foster social distancing and outdoor play. We will have 2 classes with a maximum of 12 children in each class, and each class will have 3 teachers. 

We have worked with the Health Department, BVSD, and our consultant pediatrician to create the following procedures for school operations this fall.  As new information emerges, we will update this plan and share it with all families.  

If we have to discontinue in person school for any reason, we will continue to support the academic and social/emotional needs of your child and families.  

This document includes information for in-person learning; we will share additional information with families who have chosen to participate in virtual New Horizons preschool. 


School will start on September 8, 2020.  We have reduced our schedule to include only two classes: Monday-Wednesday-Friday morning class and Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday afternoon class.  We will have a maximum of 12 children in each class with 3 teachers.  We have made these changes to minimize the number of students and to simplify after class cleaning protocols (we only have one day with two sessions and we will have a mid-day cleaning service on that day).  

School Mask Protocol:

  • All teachers will wear masks
  • All parents will wear masks for drop-off and pick-up.
  • Children do not need to wear masks outdoors where they can maintain social distancing.  We will strive to have 100% of school outdoors, weather permitting, except for toileting and hand washing.  
  • Children over 3 will need to wear a mask indoors if we are conducting activities indoors (if there is bad weather). 
  • They do not need to wear a mask if they are going indoors with just a teacher (who can maintain social distancing and will be wearing a mask) to use the bathroom or wash their hands. 

Student Drop-off: 

  • We will have staggered drop-off times to maximize social distancing.  
  • All parents must wear a mask and maintain social distancing during drop-off.  We will have spots marked out on the sidewalk and parking lot with chalk.
  • Parents are not allowed to come into the New Horizons space. 
  • Children need to have a mask with them.

Health Screening & Check-in Table:  

  • Teachers will complete a health screening questionnaire every morning.
  • We will have a check-in table set up outside the gate to our outdoor space.
  • A teacher will ask parents their child’s health screening questions and take the temperature of each child. 
  • The parent will sign their child in using the regular check-in forms (we will have containers for new and used pens. 

Crying children:
We will set up a space outside the fence with a couple of chairs for parents whose children are having a hard time saying goodbye.  No parent can enter the outdoor space during the check-in window. 

Child Entry:

  • Children will enter the gate and hang their coats (if they have them) on the spaced clothespins on the fence.
  • Children will enter the building (with a teacher) and:
    • Wash their hands with soap and water
    • Each child will have their own personal box of materials that includes markers, scissors and playdoh
    • Each child will have their own yoga mat for use outdoors
  • The indoor teacher will ensure 6 feet spacing between children indoors.


  • All activities will take place outdoors, weather permitting.
  • We have created new spaces that allow for outdoor social distancing.
  • We will not have a water table or any water activities at this time, except for individual tubs
  • Teachers will wipe down high touch surfaces throughout the day (gate, door handle, faucets, etc.)


  • We will only use toys that can be disinfected (hard, non-porous surfaces)
  • After use, a child (or teacher) wlil put the toys in a bin for cleaning marked used toys (no child will be able to retrieve a toy from the used toy bin.)  Any toy that a child puts in their mouth will immediately be put into the used bin. 
  • No toys will be used unless they have been disinfected. 
  • Bikes and helmets will be wiped down with Clorox wipes prior to use. 
  • A professional cleaner will clean and rinse toys each night (and between sessions on Wednesdays).  We will use bleach or the dishwasher for cleaning toys.


  • Children will wash hands before snacktime. 
  • There will be no family style eating .
  • Each child will have a plate delivered to them by a teacher.
  • A teacher will prepare the food, wearing gloves.
  • All dishes will be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Children will sit at 3 outdoor tables, 4 children per table (maximized distance). 


  • We will have staggered Pick-up times.
  • All children must be picked up by the end of the session so that the teachers have time to clean surfaces. 
  • Parents should wait in their cars, and teachers will bring children out.

Field Trips:

We will have no field trips in fall 2020. 

Bad weather

  • If we have bad weather during school, children will be broken into 3 groups of 4 with each teacher, and they will break into three spaces (2 New horizons rooms and the Friends Meeting Hall hallway).  
  • All windows and doors (gated) will be open to maximize ventilation during indoor use.
  • If it is bad weather, please consider not sending your child on that day. 

After School Cleaning:

  • Pens: Disinfect and rinse dirty pens
  • Toys: Disinfect, rinse and set out to dry toys (for use the next day)
  • Bathroom: Disinfect surfaces in the bathroom
  • Table Surfaces: Disinfect all surfaces (4 steps)
  • Kitchen: Sanitize all surfaces (4 steps)
  • Playground structure: Disinfect surfaces
  • High Touch Surfaces: 


  • If a child has any symptoms of COVID-19, they will not be allowed to come to school.
  • If anyone in their home has been diagnosed with COVID-19, they will not be allowed to come to school. 
  • If a child becomes sick while at school, they will be isolated in our isolation room (the library) until they can be picked up. 
  • The Boulder Health Department will provide direction if anyone in the New Horizons Community gets sick.