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New Horizons Cooperative Preschool offers a half-day, play-based, bilingual preschool program for children aged 2.5 to 7 years old. Founded in 1968, our goal is to bring together families and children who are traditionally separated by ethnicity, class, race, and culture.  For nearly 50 years, New Horizons has continued to operate as a collaborative effort of parents, teachers, and community members to foster diversity and to educate one another.
Located in north Boulder near 19th St. and Upland Ave in quiet and calm neighborhood, the preschool has abundant opportunities and space inside and outside to learn, play and grow. Our large, tree shaded yard is a magical place for children – with play structures to boost gross motor skills, intimate areas for pretend play, friendly next door goats to interact with, a garden to dig in, bikes and trikes for exercise, and sand to boxes to build and dig in.


Play-Based and Child-Centered:

Children are given the freedom to create and discover their own manner of learning and interaction, and teachers respect and build upon the interests of children with themes and activities drawn from observation.

Bilingual Spanish & English:

Our bilingual program creates a unique opportunity for children and families to engage in a cross-cultural journey. Half of our families are Spanish speaking, and all of our activities are presented in English and Spanish.

Co-op & Parent Involvement:

Our parents are integral to the success of our children.  Parents volunteer in the classroom and benefit through the connection to their children’s daily routine. This creates a 4 or 5:1 student to adult ratio.

Appreciation of Diversity:

We value diversity in culture, class, language, ethnicity, ability, and individual expression, and believe in an environment where each person is honored and respected for their differences and commonalities.

Classes | Enrollment

We offer 3 classes options ranging from 2 to 5 days a week. Each class has a maximum of 16 students with a goal to equality as it relates to gender and native language. Each class has three teachers and at least one parent volunteer which results in a 4 to 1 student/teacher ratio.


Each class begins with open arts & crafts time, then children, teachers and parents join together during circle time where teachers lead the students through English and Spanish games, songs and activities. This leads to open play in our beautiful outdoor playground and yard where the children explore and learn together or individually. We then gather again for a snack and short quiet time and end the class with an English and Spanish story time.

Class Options

Tuesday | Thursday - Morning

Age: 2.5 – 7 years
Time: 8:30 am to 11:45 am
Tuition: $230*/month ($2,070/school year)

Monday | Wednesday | Friday - Morning

Age: 2.5 – 7 years
Time: 8:30 am to 11:45 am
Tuition: $340*/month ($3,060/school year)

Tuesday to Friday - Afternoon

Age: 4 – 5 years
Time: 1:00 pm to 4 pm
Tuition: $450*/month ($4,050/school year)

* To provide services to children of all socio-economic backgrounds, we offer a tuition assistance program.

Plan a Visit

If you are interested in visiting the school, please request a visit through our contact page. We love to have visitors during our morning or afternoon classes, but prefer to have only one family/visitor per session.

Our Teachers


Isolde Stewart - Director

Isolde received the 2014 Hawkins Lifetime Achievement Award from the Boulder chapter of the CAEYC for her years of exceptional service to children, families and educators.  She is a devoted community activist for equity in education. A.A. in Early Childhood Education, Front Range Community College; Director Qualified in Early Childhood Education. Teacher at New Horizons since 1984.


Consuelo Hernandez - Bilingual Teacher

Consuelo has spent the last 14 years working with students, and has found happiness in the diverse, bilingual setting of New Horizons. Her philosophy is that each student is a unique individual who needs a safe and caring environment, and she strives to help each child meet their full potential. She has been the Administrator and Coordinator for The KSA and a YMCA Director for after school programs. She has an Associate’s Degree from Garden City Community College in General Studies, and graduated from Newman University in Wichita with a Degree in Elementary Education.  She received The Academic Excellence Award for demonstrating Academic Excellence in all Newman University Elementary Education courses, and has a Degree from Park University in Psychology of the Adolescent.

Laurie Rhoads

Laurie Rhoads - Bilingual Teacher

Laurie is passionate about working with a wide range of children and their families and has worked with children in Mexico and Thailand, as well as right here at home. Before coming to New Horizons, she taught bilingual kindergarten and preschool and served as interim director at YWCA Children’s Alley, followed by two years as the early childhood community/family liaison at Columbine Elementary.  M.Ed. in Elementary Education, Regis University, with a Colorado professional teaching license, endorsed in Elementary, Early Childhood, Early Childhood Special Education, and Spanish.  Director Qualified and bilingual/bi-literate in English and Spanish.


Wendy Chairez - Bilingual Teacher

Wendy is a bilingual, bi-literate, native Spanish speaker, who went to New Horizons as a child. She went on to Uni Hill, Casey, Boulder High, and is now studying Early Childhood Education at Front Range with a plan to complete a four year degree in ECE. Wendy brings a deeply reflective personal experience to her teaching, and is our dream come true, our second alumna to become a teacher at New Horizons.

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Arisa LaFond - Bilingual Teacher

Arisa a Boulder native, speaking Spanish fluently, she has lived in several latin america countries teaching and learning. She went to New Horizons as a child and grew up in Boulder.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree from CU in International Affairs, and is Licensed as a holistic body-mind practitioner as well as studying yoga and dance for several years.  She continues to balance working in the healing arts with working with young children, most recently in a Montessori school.  She believes that children as the wave of the next generation must have a safe and enriching environment to grow, learn and thrive.

Updates & Photos

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9 months ago
COVID-19 Low-income Family Support

Our community has donated more than $4,000 to support New Horizons families who are struggling due to the pandemic.

A generous donor will match the next $2,000 in donations which will enable us to ... See more

New Horizons Cooperative Preschool serves Boulder's most vulnerable families through our play-based bilingual preschool.

9 months ago
COVID-19 Low-income Family Support

New Horizons' families are struggling right now - and we are striving to meet their basic needs with community support.

Please help low-income families feed their children and cover their living ... See more

10 months ago

We are sad to announce that New Horizons will not be offering summer school in 2020.

We have been following the changing and strict regulations for child care centers, and we do not feel that we can ... See more

10 months ago
Photos from New Horizons Cooperative Preschool - Boulder's post

It’s been a hard couple of months for everyone around the world and our community. With schools closing down and parents having to work with their kids to keep an education in their routine it’s ... See more

11 months ago

Dear New Horizons Preschool families, the organizations that deliver food and snacks to the school, will continue doing this. We will keep you informed on which days you can come to the school to ... See more

1 year ago
Photos from New Horizons Cooperative Preschool - Boulder's post

We’ve been busy at new horizons this past week, the afternoon class took a trip to the opera and got to enjoy puss in boots. This weather hasn’t stopped them from having a great day sledding!

1 year ago
Photos from New Horizons Cooperative Preschool - Boulder's post

We want to thank all the parents that were able to attend our monthly Spanish literacy night, we read jabari salta. We talked about how everybody has different skin color but are similar in many ... See more

1 year ago

One of the most important values to develop in the education of children here at New Horizons Preschool Boulder, is friendship. A personal affection, pure and selfless.

1 year ago
Photos from New Horizons Cooperative Preschool - Boulder's post

Thank you to all the families that attended our annual posada! Happy new year from New Horizons!

Gracias a todas las familias que nos acompañaron en nuestra posada anual! Les deseamos un feliz ... See more

1 year ago
Photos from New Horizons Cooperative Preschool - Boulder's post

Thank you to all the families that attended our annual posada! Happy new year from New Horizons!

Gracias A todas las familias que nos acompañaron en la posada anual! Feliz Año Nuevo de parte e ... See more

1 year ago
Photos from New Horizons Cooperative Preschool - Boulder's post

We had a blast on our field trip to YAYA Farms. We got to meet some wonderful animals and got to taste delicious apples!

Nos divertimos mucho en nuestro paseo a YAYA Farms. ¡Conocimos algunos ... See more